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New postOn a peaceful afternoon Myself, and Sasha Israel headed for a stroll through Coney Island. If you’ve been there before you know that it is almost impossible to attentively walk every area in one day. This place is huge, with every type of park you can imagine. Its like you step into a real life, Fun park.

Summer Suit

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Double breasted 3 piece sport suit, mid to late 1930s

Wish I could find one suit like this at least monthly! Love the matching black tie.

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John Gilbert's shawl collar sweater appreciation post


King Krule for Another Man

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King Krule

Another Magazine Man

Fotografía: Willy Vanderperre

Estilismo: Alister Mackie 

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the fabulous cast of downton abbey  » dan stevens

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French film actor Omar Sy in the June 2014 issue of French Vanity Fair

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