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I feel like the majority of guys need to dapple around with accessories, and I’m not talking about the “live-strong” bands even though those are alright. Just the addition of simple beads depending on the coloring can make a big difference in your own outfit. I guess its human nature to become a creature of habit. With each new spotlighted designer package, I try and maintain something familiar and something true to my personal style. Be it a pocket square, or my club masters- each look is still representative of me.

Floral Ties

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Gary Cooper, February 1929


Japanese actor Oukouchi Denjirou 大河内 傳次郎 (1898-1962) in 1930s


Cab Calloway receiving a poppy, Minneapolis (1933)

(image via Hennepin County Library - Minneapolis Photo Collection)


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Toshiro Mifune in Stray Dog (1949).

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Josef Killian, 1965, dir. Jan Schmidt & Pavel Juracek

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Top:  Corridor NYC | Denim:  Rogue Territory | Socks:  Richer Poorer | Boots:  Red Wing - Fit:  I’m wearing a Small in the top, a 30 in the denim, & an 8.5 in the boots.

**All Images:  Lindsey Grace

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Jerry Lewis riding a bicycle on the set of the film The Stooge (1951)